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Innovative features

They’re why American Whirlpool spas are so intuitive to use – and so satisfying to unwind in. Come see why Platinum Pool, Spa & Sauna (an American Whirlpool dealership) will revolutionize the way you relax and recuperate!

Physician Designed Zone Therapy

American Whirlpool spas feature jets that are perfectly powerful and positioned to access your pain trigger points. A soothing massage with every soak!

Crystal Pure Water

Painstaking water maintenance is a thing of the past when you invest in an American Whirlpool! With the available dual-sanitization technology and a complete four-step cleaning system that provide crystal pure water year-round.

Galvanized Appliance Grade Steele Frame Construction

Every American Whirlpool Spa, With the available Galvanized Appliance Grade Steel Construction, features an outstanding strong steel Structure.

  • Proprietary Topside Controls
    Controlling your spa is a breeze thanks to American Whirlpool’s intuitive and convenient SmartTouch 2 control panel.
  • Ergonomic Control Valves
    Easy-to-operate valves make it simple to adjust jet pressure to your personal preference – no matter your grip strength.
  • Physician Designed Performance
    Every seat is precision contoured to provide full-body immersion, promote a spine-friendly posture, and ensure superior comfort.
  • Comfort Collar
    Enjoy full neck and head support while your spa’s jets massage every aching muscle in your body.
  • Foot Relief Zone
    Sore feet? Not for much longer. American Whirlpool spas are designed to target the upper and lower parts of each foot. You’ll feel the miles melt away in an instant.
  • TheraMAAX Jets
    Science has created the perfect spa jet: one that maximizes performance while enhancing the hydromassage experience.

Northern Exposure Insulation System

This one-of-a-kind three-layer thermal barrier technology by Thinsulate reflects radiant heat from the pumps into the spa, so you’ll pay less to keep your water at its ideal temperature.

Contact Platinum Pool, Spa & Sauna today to learn why American Whirlpool makes the best spas!

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