The Fiji Plunge™

The perfect plunge pool. A compact size to escape the heat and cool down. Or relax after a hard day at the (home) office. Or even better, for that romantic evening. Consider putting in a few spa jets for greater enjoyment.

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Compact. Joyful comfort.

If tight spaces and boundary fences are an issue, the Fiji Plunge™ is the solution. You can’t go wrong with the spacious wading area and bench seat to which you can add a couple of spa jets and enjoy a soothing water massage and the therapeutic benefits it can give you.

Fiji Plunge™ 10

9′ 6″ Long by 6′ 11″ Wide

4′ 5″ Flat bottom depth

Compact. Joyful comfort.

  1. Optimized for Limited Spaces
  2. Entry & Exit Steps
  3. Flat Bottom Floor
  4. Wide Bench Seating

Gelcoat Colors

A beautiful and stunning range of color options that allow you to stylize and customize your Leisure Pools swimming pool.

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