The Limitless™

This fiberglass swimming pool offers everything you want in pool design: a splash pad, a spa and a pool but packaged in a more compact pool design. For those who want a little of everything and not willing to sacrifice quality, you will find this to be the perfect backyard pool.

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Feature-packed. Compact design.

An exciting version of The Ultimate™ in terms of desirable features, this pool is built with a reduction in width, making it the ideal choice for smaller backyards. The Limitless™ knows no bounds, however, in terms of the luxurious swimming experience it will give you.

Limitless™ 26

26′ 0″ Long by 12′ 6″ Wide

4′ 3″ Shallow end depth
5′ 7″ Deep end depth

Limitless™ 30

30′ 0″ Long by 12′ 6″ Wide

4′ 3″ Shallow end depth
6′ 0″ Deep end depth

Feature-packed. Compact design.

  1. Built-In Spa
  2. Narrow Width
  3. Swim Out Bench
  4. Integrated Splash Deck
  5. Entry & Exit Steps

Gelcoat Colors

A beautiful and stunning range of color options that allow you to stylize and customize your Leisure Pools swimming pool.

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