The Riviera™

Another incredible backyard inground pool design with generous curves that welcomes friends, families and neighbors together for days filled with fun, laughter and togetherness. This pool features wraparound entry steps with more shallow depth near the front. This is your staycation every day.

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Enticing curves. Wraparound bench.

As its curves embrace the surrounding landscape, The Riviera™ unites suitability and adaptability into one beautiful swimming package.

Riviera™ 26

26′ 7″ Long by 12′ 4″ Wide

3′ 11″ Shallow end depth
5′ 4″ Deep end depth

Riviera™ 30

30′ 3″ Long by 13′ 11″ Wide

3′ 11″ Shallow end depth
5′ 7″ Deep end depth

Riviera™ 34

34′ 1″ Long by 14′ 6″ Wide

3′ 11″ Shallow end depth
5′ 10″ Deep end depth

Enticing curves. Wraparound bench.

  1. Large Entry & Exit Steps
  2. Wrap Around Bench
  3. Deep End Swimout
  4. Sloping Bottom

Gelcoat Colors

A beautiful and stunning range of color options that allow you to stylize and customize your Leisure Pools swimming pool.

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